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Marl caves Kanne

Before the 15th century hard workers excavated marl blocks in the caves to build churches and castles. The exploitation lasted a few centuries. During your visit you will come across a maze of passages. You will also find fascinating mural paintings of prehistoric animals and texts in Middle Dutch who give a whole new meaning to graffiti. But there is more: an exhibition of block workers’ material shows you how marl blocks were excavated, we will visit a unique underground mushroom nursery and you can also see where countless bottles of the well-known cave beer mature.


  • Groups (min. 15 adults): the whole year, ONLY upon reservation at Tourism Office Riemst
  • Individuals: every Saturday and Sunday, except from 15/12/2013 to 15/01/2014(including), (without reservation) at 13.30 h, during the months of July and august, this is possible everyday at 13.30 h without reservation.

If your an individual visitor, we advise you to contact the Tourism Office Riemst on 012 44 03 75 or with Mrs. Clementine Cransen on 0479 447 446, this to avoid eventual disappointments (by unforeseen and exceptional closing days)!

Duration: 1h 15 min.


  • Individuals: adults 5,50 EUR (1 beverage included) and children -10 years: 3
  • Groups: adults 5,50 EUR (1 beverage included) and children -10 years: 3 EUR and students -18 years: 3 EUR; with a minimum of 82,50 EUR per group


  • tour with snacks of regional products from the marl caves:
    cave cheese, cave beer, soup of cave mushrooms or piece of toast with cave mushrooms and a slice of rice pie from the caves
  • Price: adults 10,50 EUR (only for groups of min. 15 adults, incl. tour)