Survive-All is an organisation of extreme survival experts, offering management training and outdoor activities. The survivals primarily take place south of Mount Saint Peter, in the village of Eben-Emael.

 Possible activities include:

  • Compass Crossing: using only a compass and a specified compass heading, you make your way through a rough terrain.
  • Climbing: after receiving instructions, and having been fully secured, you use the strength in your arms, legs and brain to conquer this natural wall. You will be rewarded with a beautiful view at the top.
  • Rope Trail: a challenging rope trail at a height of approximately 6 metres, that you will be able to follow all by yourself after receiving safety instructions.
  • Running-down: running down 12, 25, 40 or 60 metres of wall, including map exercise, equipment, instructions and support.
Open By appointment
  • From 15 euros per person per activity (excluding VAT, minimum of 10 persons per group)
  • From 50 euros per person for a cave mountain biking tour (excluding VAT, minimum of 10 persons per group)


Tip: Combine a visit to the caves with one of these challenging team-building activities! A fascinating and varied day!