The ‘landmarks’ - created by the municipalities of Lanaken, Hasselt and Maastricht - make your walking and cycling adventures in the tripoint area even more alluring! 

These landmarks are located at special places throughout the area and offer information about geology, archaeology and the historic landscape. In this way, pieces of history become ‘visible’ in the landscape again.

Some landmarks offer additional features, such as the Irish Cross in Lafelt, where an audio presentation in the open air recreates the bloody Battle of Lafelt.

A detailed, colourful brochure is available at the Riemst Tourist Office. It combines all information about all 14 landmarks, including a photograph and a small map with road markings to locate them in the landscape. The brochure costs 5 euros.

The walking and cycling map offers some exciting walking and cycling loops past the various landmarks along, on and across the border. This map is also available at the Riemst Tourist Office and costs 1 euro.