With 22 hectares of vineyards, Château Genoels-Elderen is the largest wine estate of Belgium. On the best slopes of the Limburg hills, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines were planted in 1991. They thrive exceptionally well in Haspengouw. Offering: Chardonnay Blue, Chardonnay Gold and Pinot Noir. In addition, the wine château also bottles sparkling wines and Limburg eau de vie.


  • Wine: Chardonnay Blue and Gold; Pinot Noir
  • Limburg eau de vie: White, Blue and Gold
  • Sparkling wine: Black Pearl, Silver Pearl and Pink Pearl

For sale at:

  • Tourist Office Riemst - Tongersesteenweg 8 - 3770 Riemst, Belgium – telephone number 012 44 03 75
  • Wine Château Genoels-Elderen – Kasteelstraat 9 – 3770 Riemst, Belgium – telephone number 012 39 13 49