Jam Brewery

Make your own jam at the Jam Brewery! Maarten Simonis passes on his passion for jam to you in a workshop. Listen to his story and turn all that tasty fruit into your own jams from now on.

What will you be doing?
You will set to work yourself, learning the techniques of jam-making in a fun way:

  • Tasting small jam samples
  • Introduction about the preservation of fruit
  • The role of sugar in making jam
  • The use of herbs, spices and liqueurs in jams
  • The phases of the cooking process
  • The filling of the jars

During the workshop, the participants are divided into groups that each make a different jam based on the recipes of the Jam Brewery. Maarten tells you about the do's and don'ts of jam-making.

When the jams are ready, and the jars have cooled, you can exchange experiences and put a label on the jars as a finishing touch. The home-made jam is yours to take home.

Location Valmeerstraat 123, 3770 Riemst, Val-Meer
Open For groups of up to 12 persons, by appointment
Duration Maximum of 2 hours
Price 300 euros per group (including fruit, ingredients, materials, recipes, home-made jams, tea and coffee)

Tip! Taste the jam you made during a regional produce lunch or high tea at brasserie De Waterburcht after the workshop.