Traditional brickyard

Over 50 years ago, grandfather Parthoens began constructing the Hoffmann kiln. The bricks are still fired in this kiln, but today it is the third generation of Parthoens that carry this out. 

Using an extrusion process, a unique façade stone is created here. It is a traditional production process that makes it seem like time has stood still.

Visit one of the last remaining active Hoffmann kilns in Belgium. During the tour you can see how the stones are shaped and dried and look at (and in) the kiln.

Location Dorpsstraat 17, 3770 Riemst (Membruggen)
Open By appointment (maximum of 20 persons per group) and only in weekends 
Duration of tour 1 hour
Prix free guided tour by the manager. Custom footwear and clothing is required.