Geocaching is a game that is played all over the world. It involves using a GPS receiver to find a so-called treasure or "cache" somewhere in the world. Fellow geocachers hide a box, chest or just a mini-capsule containing a log and some trinkets, challenging other geocachers to find what they've hidden. The disclosure of the location of the caches usually takes place via the internet.
Geocaching takes you to the most beautiful places in your own city, your holiday location, or anywhere else in the world. Certainly worth a try with your children, to get some fresh air in an active way!
In Riemst, there are more than 50 hidden treasures, including 48 mystery caches that together make up the universal geocaching logo. This mystery caches form the Art-In Riemst (A.I.R) series that starts at GC5WQPZ. Other treasures are hidden near places of interest, for example, near the Vroenhoven Bridge, the Irish Cross landmark and Residential Care Centre Eykendaal.

How does it work?

  • Visit the website: http://www.geocaching.comand create a free profile.
  • Enter the location where you wish to go “treasure hunting” in the search box.
  • An overview of all caches is then displayed.
  • Open the page of the cache in which you are interested, print the description and load the coordinates into your GPS or smartphone.
  • Then off you go!
  • Did you find the cache? Exchange the treasure for an object of your own and write your name (and a nice message) in the log.
  • Put the cache back where you found it.
  • Once you're back home, log in to the website and update your "log visits".