Neanderthal Site Hezerwater

A visit to the Neanderthal site teaches you a lot about these people. What did they do here? How did they get here and why? What was their life like? 

Based on the geological structure of the walls, you will find out how the climate evolved and what impact it had on the vegetation, fauna and flora.

The site contains occupation traces dated 133,000 years ago. As a visitor, you are literally taking a leap back in time. Walking down an approximately 80-metre-long path, you will meet the inhabitants of yesteryear: the woolly rhinoceros, the bison, a mammoth. You will learn when the Neanderthals lived in our region, and how the sequence of cold (glacial) and warm (interglacial) periods expired. Artefacts have been placed in a former campfire. Then slowly, you return to the present. At the next stop, you'll be in the same spot where Neanderthals passed some 80,000 years ago. Clear information panels help to tell the story of the site. The final stop is a site that is 40,000 years old.


Neanderthalerweg, Lanaken (Veldwezelt)


Only for groups, by appointment, guided. During school holidays, the site is open for individual visits on Sundays. More information available at

  • Entrance: 2 euros per person
  • Guide: 60 euros per Dutch guide (maximum of 25 persons per guide)
Information & reservations Tourist Office Lanaken, tel. 089 72 24 67,