Regional beers

Riemst boasts a lot of beers. Grotten Santé, a spicy beer with a dash of exotic spices. Hesbania is a blond beer in a bottle, full of character and with a refined aroma. If you are unable to choose between blond or brown, Try Oudstrijder Blond and Oudstrijder Dobbel-Tripel, a complex organic beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. All regional beers are for sale at our Tourist Office.

Grotten Santé

The beer is brewed by Brewery Kazematten in Ypres and then brought to the caves of Kanne, where it continues to ripen at a constant temperature of 11°C and a humidity of 95 to 98%. It is a flavoured brown beer with an alcohol content of 6.5% vol.

Grotten Santé is currently available in 33-cl and 75-cl bottles. Unique custom glasses have been developed to do even more justice to the aroma of this new beer.

During the guided tour of the caves of Kanne, the lagering or ripening of this beer will be explained to you.

Oudstrijder Blond

7.2 VOL. % ALC.

A clear and complex, golden yellow, organic beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, with a fruity nuance and a beautiful bitter spark. With a spicy aroma and a particularly soft flavour that, judging by the aroma, combines banana, citrus and peach. Soft and creamy in your mouth, it is reminiscent of vanilla and offers a thrilling, lingering after-taste. In short, a pure blond with the necessary spunk and potency.

Oudstrijder Dobbel-Tripel

7.8 VOL. % ALC.

Secondary fermented, ruby-red, organic beer with a reluctant sparkle, combined with a soft bitterness that approaches hop and fresh yeast. Slightly woody with a tinge of caramel, and the aroma of alcohol in the nose. Initially surprising with a mild overture in the mouth. Then delicately evolving to a soft, bitter, caramelised aroma and climaxing in an alcohol-sweet after-taste. Easy to drink, but with a bit of dark heaviness that briefly lingers deep in your throat.


ALC. 7.5%

Hesbania is a blond beer from Belgium that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is full of character, with a refined aroma and superb flavour. Its typical freshness can be enjoyed under all circumstances.